1 more day to have your say on Metro Vancouver transit fares and how to pay

Feb 15 2017, 11:25 pm

As someone who writes and responds to comments about transit in Metro Vancouver all the time, our zone-based fare structure in Metro Vancouver is a common topic among riders. Are you fan of the system or do you think there has to be a better way?

Well, you have one more day to give you feedback on TransLink’s fare structure. We want to hear from you!

In 2016, TransLink began an in-depth look at our fare structure as we kicked off our Fare Policy Review.

In Phase One, many of you agreed that it’s time to take a fresh look at the way we price transit in Metro Vancouver.

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We’ve taken your feedback and used it to generate possible options for three core components of the transit fare system:

  1. Distance Travelled
  2. Time of Travel
  3. Service Type

Now, the second phase of the review has starting and we want to hear from you about these options!

How to get involved

Read the discussion guide. Take the survey at translink.ca/farereview (the survey ends on February 17, 2017). Join the discussion on our new online forum.

Discussion Forum

As part of the second phase, we’ve launched a brand new discussion forum, moderated by our very own Fare Review experts!

The forum is a great place to share ideas, ask questions and learn more about potential fare options.

Don’t be discouraged if some discussions seem too technical – asking someone to explain is a helpful way to deepen everyone’s thinking.

If you’re a serious transit fan, on the other hand, you’ve found your playground! Either way, let’s talk.

Next steps

Based on the feedback you gave us in Phase Two, we’ll narrow down to a shortlist of options to bring back to you later this year in Phase Three.

At that point, we’ll also begin to map out the options for varying fares by product type and user type so that we can bring forward a complete package for review in Phase Four.

Fare Review Phase 2

Image by: TransLink