TransLink will close all fare gates in April

Dec 19 2017, 8:28 pm

TransLink is set to start closing its remaining fare gates from April 4 with the aim of closing all gates at SkyTrain and SeaBus stations by April 8.

The new Compass Card system has been in place across Metro Vancouver since the start of the year. So far more than 675,000 cards have been issued to people in Vancouver with TransLink recording 300,000 cards tapped in and out every weekday. However, up until now one gate is open at each station, the accessible gate, as a temporary measure to provide persons with disabilities ease of access through the gates.

“More than 675,000 customers have made the switch to Compass and we are confident our customers are ready for this transition to a fully closed, gated system,” said Cathy McLay, TransLink Acting CEO.


During the week of April 4, staff will be at SkyTrain stations and SeaBus terminals to support customers as gates are closed. By Friday, April 8, all fare gates will be closed and customers will need a Compass Card or Compass Ticket to pass through fare gates.

In advance of the upcoming gate closures, TransLink has been working closely with people with disabilities, advisory groups, and stakeholders to ensure continued access through fare gates for those customers without the ability to tap. From April 4 they will also be implementing a new station assistance service to help these customers at fare gates.

“The station assistance service will be beneficial for some people with disabilities to have access through fare gates and at elevators,” Pam Horton, board member of the Disability Alliance of BC said in a press release. “We look forward to working with TransLink to continue to explore a range of options to ensure the transit system is inclusive and accessible for everyone.”

Currently, Metrotown Station is the only SkyTrain station without fare gates as the station is currently undergoing a major retrofit and expansion project. Transit users are still expected to tap their Compass Cards located in the ticketing concourse of the station.

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