TransLink Compass Cards to be released in phases

Dec 19 2017, 10:26 am

News1130 is reporting  that a date for when TransLink’s new Compass Cards will be made available to the general public has not been set, as they will instead be “phased in”.

The decision allows for TransLink to continue troubleshooting problems with the program, while making it easier to make adjustments if needed.

According to Mark Langmead, TransLink’s Director of Operational Initiatives, transaction speed is an area needing attention.

“The speed of transactions is an area that we want to see improvement on,” says Langmead. “Our contractor has made significant progress with respect to the speed of those transactions but it still something that we are very much looking for a very good experience for our customers.”

Another issue that’s been reported by riders has been the volume level when tapping the card, which Langmead says has had to be adjusted to make it louder.

As for who would be next to get their hands on a card, Langmead says several groups are being considered.

“Our next group of customers that we are looking to introduce cards for is the West Coast Express customers and that will be in the next coming months. And then we are looking at some of the universities and following that, then we would be looking at the general population.”

So far 85,000 Compass Cards have been issued with over 13 million taps made by those users.

Featured Image: Translink Buzzer Blog