Transit Options for Broadway to UBC

Dec 19 2017, 4:20 am

Like it or not rapid transit of some form or another will be coming down the Broadway Corridor in the very near future. Right now the city is looking at a few different options, many of which that do not focus on using SkyTrain technology. In my opinion an at grade option is out of the picture and the smart thing to do would be to build an underground system all the way to UBC. To build anything else would be short sighted. At the end of the day all they need to remember is what will get transit users to their destination fastest. That is all riders require.

Here are the options:

1. BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Commercial – UBC
2A. LRT Commercial – UBC via Broadway
2B. LRT Commercial – UBC via VCC
3A. Option 2A + LRT Main to UBC using Olympic Line
3B. Option 2B + LRT Main to UBC using Olympic Line
4A. SkyTrain Commercial – UBC via Broadway
4B. SkyTrain VCC – UBC
5. SkyTrain VCC – Arbutus + LRT Main – UBC using Olympic Line
6. Improve bus service

I would take either option 4a or b. I could live with option 5. Some of the options presented will do very little to improve commute time and thus don’t really warrant a study. Any rapid transit technology that is used be it LRT or SkyTrain will cause disruption down the Broadway Corridor. Considering what happened with the cut and cover method last time, I don’t think the city will allow it this time around.

Bottom line: Commercial to UBC, approximately 25 minutes.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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