Transgender guy in drag faces off with preacher on Granville Street (VIDEO)

May 15 2017, 6:25 pm

A transgender man dressed in drag who responded to an anti-gay preacher on Granville Street is being hailed as a hero.

A video of the whole incident was posted on YouTube by user Downtown Mike, and shows the preacher railing against Canadians’ acceptance of gay relationships.

But the preacher is interrupted by a man dressed in drag, who is passing by, shouting, “I’m gay!” to which the preacher responds, “Repent!”

The preacher then continues to hurl abuse at the man, who responds by shouting, “I love pussy more than I love myself,” before running for the SkyTrain.

The video has prompted a storm of comments on YouTube, including updates from the man in question, who identified himself as Parker Phelan.

“I am a trans guy, but I happened to be going on my way to my play I was in when I witnessed this nonsense (my character is a drag queen, hence my makeup and dress),” wrote Phelan on YouTube.

“So instantly I thought, ‘Hm. What could possibly piss off this angry straight white male?’

“So I just yelled out what I thought would’ve been the funniest response and ran, not only because cishet men freak me out but also because I was late.”

Cishet is shorthand for cis, or cisgender, used to describe someone who identifies with their assigned-at-birth gender and is exclusively attracted to the opposite gender.

Parker Phelan hailed as hero

Phelan is getting a lot of love on YouTube for his actions–although due to his drag attire and his pussy-loving comments, most people assumed he was a lesbian woman.

“I clicked ‘like’ on this video, not to endorse the religious nutjob, but in support for the brave pussy-loving young lady for standing up to him in defiance of his intolerance and hate-spewing. Here’s to freedom of speech, as well as freedom both of and from religion! Hats off to you, Ma’am,” wrote user ExtremePragmatist.

“Hell yeah. If it were me, I wouldn’t have the guts. Go her,” write user Mike Seay.

“Haha you’re hilarious; the way you ran off at the end had me laughing. good job trolling this religious wackjob.,” write user Rob F.

“That girl… that girl is a heroine. We need more people like her.,” write user tommydags1.

Once Phelan explained his gender identity, and how the misperception came about, the love continued, even from the most unlikely commenters.

“I’m an angry cis white dude and this made me happy, keep doing your thing, Parker!” commented user Mal Cronin.

We couldn’t agree more.

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