Training to be a Concrete Hero

If you haven’t heard, the ultimate urban obstacle challenge, Concrete Hero, is coming to Vancouver for the first time on September 29, 2013. We’ve told you about the event and the crazy obstacles that will be part of the course, and now we’re giving you some tips on how to train to rock it.

Make a plan

A good training plan is the secret to success! Whether you are racing for fun or want to compete for placement – the key to training is beginning at your own pace and gradually increasing your duration and intensity. Always remember: you’re a Hero and you can do it!

Get out

Summer is right around the corner and it’s just about time to get started! Take a hike or ride your bike along the seawall. Anything that gets your legs moving and heart pumping is beneficial! Physical activity is the best way to increase your energy, lift your mood and kick your self-esteem into shape. Endorphins are your everyday dose of sunshine! Many studies indicate that people who exercise regularly benefit with a positive boost in mood and energy.

Important: If you are overweight, a heavy smoker, receiving medication, pregnant or haven’t exercised for many years, please consult your doctor before beginning training.

Vancouver seawall


As a 7km runner, your program should consist of easy, long, speed and hill runs.

Easy Runs: Speed is not important: the key is finding a pace that feels comfortable to you. Don’t worry too much about form. The important thing is to cover a kilometre or two.

Longer Runs: Once a week, a longer run should be included in your workout. Anything over 3 to 4K is considered a long run. You’ll want to run 7 km a few times to make sure you can go the distance on the event.

Speed Runs: Incorporate occasional speed runs into your routine to help improve your performance in the race. Speed runs consist of short intervals completed at faster than normal speeds. It should feel like you’re working hard, but not your maximum speed.

Know your limits

If you’re not feeling well, it’s best to rest rather than risk illness or injury. In general, training through illness will delay your recovery. Exercising through a cold or flu isn’t good for you. Also, be sure to let your Wheaties settle to prevent indigestion during training.

Don’t forget to stretch it out! Always follow each training session with a cool down period. It’s very important to stretch both before and after training to minimize any tightness and help prevent injury.

Training for Concrete Hero 2013 Vancouver

Cross training

Vancouver is a fitness haven offering various workout and training options: mountain biking, paddle boarding, swimming, cycling, Pilates or yoga are all great workouts that will complement your training. Have you tried martial arts or kickboxing? Find a cross training activity that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Concrete Hero Vancouver 2013

When: September 29, 2013

Where: Strathcona Park, Vancouver, BC

Register: or call 604-488-HERO (4376)



Images: Concrete Hero LA, Susan Gittens / Flickr


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