Tragic end for six "stolen" dogs

Dec 19 2017, 6:38 pm

The story of the six dogs reported missing last week is revealed to be a lie, when in fact they had allegedly all died of heatstroke and were discarded in an unknown area by the woman entrusted to care for them.


The bodies of the dogs have been located and will be recovered by the SPCA.

RCMP will continue their investigation into Public Mischief.


In what can only be described as an absolutely heartbreaking tale, dog walker Emma Paulsen admitted to Petsearchers Canada spokesperson Al MacLellan, that her initial story was a cover up.

While the full story is still under investigation, the first indication that something wasn’t right came when a witness from the Brookswood park said she never saw the truck, the dogs being walked, the dog walker, or the dogs being stolen.

It all began last Tuesday, when six dogs were reported missing from a popular off-leash park in Langley, setting in motion the start of a week long search. At the time, Paulsen told police that she put the dogs in the back of her truck, but left the canopy open with plenty of accessible water, and then went to use the washroom. She claims that she was gone no longer than 10 minutes, and upon returning, discovered the canopy had been unlatched and the six dogs, including her own dog Salty, were gone.

The disappearance immediately sparked a public outcry on social media, and prompted a rally at the Langley Park, where the dog owners and other supporters urged the perpetrator to return their beloved pets. Local celebrity Sarah Daniels of HGTV’s “Urban Suburban,” even offered up a cash reward of $5,000 for any clues leading to the safe return of all six dogs.

Now the story has unraveled, revealing that it was not the disappearance of the dogs that Paulsen discovered, but the grisly scene of six perished pooches. She admitted to MacLellan that she left the six dogs in the back of her truck, where they died of heatstroke. When she found them, she panicked, hid the bodies, and reported them missing.

This has yet to be confirmed by Langley RCMP, and while it is currently unknown where the dogs are hidden, one owner claims they were dumped in a ditch in Abbotsford.

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Buddy (Boston terrier)

Mia (pit bull)

Teemo (Bouvier poodle cross)

Salty (border collie)

Molly (blue heeler/Shepard cross)

Oscar (Husky/Rotweiler cross)

“WE KNOW THERE ARE STILL MANY QUESTIONS.  We expect that the Langley RCMP will release further details once they have received a full statement.  At this time it is unknown if they were travelling or parked when the dogs perished but we are hopeful the rcmp will release further info once they are able to.  Our goal was to determine what happened to the dogs and if a recovery was possible.  Any further investigation into this matter will need to be handled by the RCMP and SPCA**”

-Petsearchers Canada

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