Tradyo website launch carves the future of classifieds

Classifieds can be a pain. As much as we sometimes need them, we have to deal with significant inconveniences and ambiguity. We recently featured Tradyo on Vancity Entrepreneurs and connected with Vancouver-born co-founder, Gideon Hayden. Tradyo is a mobile marketplace where people can buy and sell used goods within their communities or given networks. As of today, Tradyo now has a functional website platform that is changing how we deal with classifieds.

Our other co-founder and CEO, Eran Henig, states that with Tradyo, “No longer should you worry about safety, experience and inefficient communication when it comes to dealing with classifieds. We want to create a reliable hyper-local marketplace for you to buy and sell goods with the least amount of friction possible; we believe Tradyo can provide that for communities across the country.” The new website focuses on serving you the most relevant items for sale by other people in your area. By using your location, Tradyo tells you exactly how far certain products are from you, and provides a simple and real-time chat within the website and application that allows you to close the deal in minutes, using your phone or your computer. They also allow users to set up alerts for wanted items, and notify you via push notification or email as soon as there is a match on their system.

In summary, key things you should know about Tradyo:

  • It started as just an iOS app last summer and now with the website being launched it’s accessible to anyone. This came after large demand from the iOS users.
  • Tradyo allows you to buy and sell used goods within your offline/online communities.
  • The system is based on GPS, and locates the products around you.
  • The system is built for safety, experience, and real time instant deal making.

With September fast approaching, it can be a great way for students going back to school to furnish their apartments, or make money getting rid of unused stuff. It’s quite exciting to see a Canadian company taking on tech giants such as Craigslist and Kijiji, which although both very handy, they definitely have their flaws.

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