Trade Deadline Possibles: Glamour Edition

Judging from the past few seasons, there are two absolute certainties for the Canucks when they head into the playoffs. First, the Canucks can NEVER have too many defensemen because someone is going to go down with a ludicrous injury (maybe Salo will get run over by a Zamboni this year). Second, the Sedin’s are going to be invisible against teams with a deep defensive core. With that in mind, here are two players that can help nullify these issues:

 Sheldon Souray
When Souray returned this season from a stint with the AHL Hershey Bears, he was the talk of the town. But after posting 11 points in the first 14 games of the season, he has disappeared off the score-sheets. This can be attributed more to Dallas crumbling and the effect losing games has on Souray than his own personal skill level. I don’t say this lightly. Souray is the Charlie Sheen of the NHL; he thrives off winning and fails miserably in any other situation. His attitude is so bad that in Edmonton during their rebuilding phase, they sent him down to the minors to stop his cancerous presence in the locker room. To this I say… Perfect. The Canucks are a winning team. They took the President’s Trophy last season and are once again poised to fight for the best in the west. As a team very tight on cap space and always looking to add veteran playoff experience, Souray and his meager $1.65 million contract is a perfect candidate.

Souray has developed a reputation as being injury prone, but a look at his games missed in the past five seasons shows this is a misinterpretation; Of his past five active NHL seasons, Souray has missed less than 10 games for three of them. As long as he doesn’t try and fight the monster that is Jerome Iginla again any time soon, there is room for him on the Canucks blue line.

Teemu Selanne
Gillis has historically refused to buy players for a playoff run, but if Anaheim concedes they won’t be making the playoffs this year and are ready to sell, it’s time for MG to spill some blood. I’m not saying the Canucks should drain all the youth from the roster like a Rick Nash trade necessitates, but acquiring Selanne is definitely worth the cost. Selanne moving would be mutually beneficial for both himself and the Ducks, not to mention his price range (most likely our 1st round draft pick + a prospect) is well worth it. It’s time for the Canucks organization to put everything on the line and show they are committed to winning the Stanley Cup this post-season. Even if it costs the team in the long run, it’s better than being a perennial play-off failure like the San Jose Sharks.

For Selanne, Even if he does re-sign with Anaheim next year, his body has to give out eventually. Just look at Dwayne Roloson; after a phenomenal playoff run, his age hit him like a sack of bricks. This year is Selanne’s last real shot at a second Cup. Also, if the Canucks have him, it means Detroit doesn’t. And the last thing we want is Teemu playing with Datsyuk. Think “Armageddon”, but with way less Bruce Willis there to save the day.

Aside from both these players being great additions to the Canucks on the ice, Selanne and Souray provide depth in a place that the Canucks are seriously lacking: Handsomeness. Just look at those mugs. Booth is a step in the right direction, but Bieksa looks like a neanderthal and Salo is the real life version of “Caillou”. Let’s start putting a bit of effort into the looks of the players matching the city.