Tourism & The 2010 Olympics

Dec 19 2017, 11:50 am


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Last weeks Bachelorette episode filmed in Vancouver spurred interest in our fair city. Now, If one episode can illicit such response imagine what will happen when the spotlight will be on us for 2 full weeks during the Olympics. The exposure this city will be getting is going to be amazing.

For starters, NBC will be all over this city, The Today Show will be setting up shop and the Tonight Show will feature Vancouver 2010 medalists every night. I mean the tourism and hospitality industry is fully booked and will be busy. That translates to money for those employed in the industry and of course other businesses. The downside will be the traffic and the minor inconveniences we locals must go through.

In the end the Olympics do more for the greater good of society as buildings will become COMMUNITY centres for all. The public transportation infrastructure will be better, the sea to sky highway is vastly safer and you can thank the Olympics for bringing the expedited construction, all of which can be argued was NEEDED in the first place. Sprinkle in some added tourism and I think you get what you paid for and then some.

The naysayers will always find something wrong, even if the Olympics are a success. Take for example the convention centre, its got bookings, most people with a reasonable education know that it will generate a positive ROI (return on investment), yet naysayers and the welfare elite continually bash it because it was over budget but more importantly because it was the Liberals pet project.

My suggestion, if they want to debate, great, however rationality must be brought to the table (from both sides) otherwise you get the shit show like MJS musings comments.

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