The world's first pizza subscription box is launching in Canada

Sep 15 2020, 4:33 pm

The world’s first pizza subscription service has landed in Canada, and it’s launching in Toronto.

According to a recent announcement, Downtown Toronto’s General Assembly Pizza launched the new service on September 15, offering free home delivery for stacks of four, six, eight, or 10 pizzas from as low as $39 per order and $9 per pizza.

Subscribers will be able to choose their monthly stack size and select their pizzas. They have the option to change, pause, or cancel their subscription at any time.

At the moment, four pizzas come to $9.75 per pizza or $39, six pizzas for $9.50 per pizza or $57, eight pizzas for $9.25 per pizza or $74, and 10 pizzas for $9.00 per pizza or $90.

Pizzas are delivered to your doorstep in a “temperature-controlled” recyclable box; there is contactless delivery and package tracking available as well.

“Since opening our doors in 2017, we have pushed for the best guest-experience possible‚ÄĒthat’s why our dough is 100% naturally leavened, that’s why we have a purpose-built 400-square-foot pick-up and delivery area, and that’s why we’re launching a direct-to-consumer subscription-based ecommerce platform today,” said founder and CEO¬†Ali Khan Lalani.

“In 2020, providing the best guest experience means General Assembly Pizza has to be more than a restaurant. I’m proud to say that after almost six months of planning, many roadblocks and countless pivots‚ÄĒall while maintaining our day-to-day restaurant operations amidst a pandemic‚ÄĒwe have done it. Along the way, we’ve connected more than ever with our community, and we look forward to bringing a little of that original GA guest experience back into their day-to-day lives, at home.”

According to the release, General Assembly has had a successful launch of their premium frozen pizzas this spring, which the new subscription model builds on.

“Food quality and forward thinking is what drives our team. Whether it’s made-to-order or frozen, our pizza is entirely handmade, chef-prepped, and fired in our hand-built, made-in-Italy¬†brick ovens,” said Executive Chef¬†Curt Martin, who took part in¬†the premium frozen pizza line development.

Martin will be overseeing the rollout of the subscription service, as well as menu innovation with new pizzas, fresh ingredients, focusing on vegetarian, plan-based, and pork-free options, according to the release.

At the moment, the subscription is only available in Toronto, but plans to expand in Ontario are set for next year.

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