Top Tips: Getting Home Safe on the Coldest Day of the Year

As many witnessed the last few days, driving in the snow/ice can be tricky for anyone but in particular we in the lower mainland don’t have a knack for driving in “extreme” weather conditions. Here are some helpful tips by Bob Benson, Fleet and Commercial Manager, Cam Clark Ford Lincoln Dealership:

1. Keep Your Distance: Vehicles skid on snow and ice. We advise drivers to keep a good distance between themselves and other vehicles. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to see the rear tires of the vehicle in front. If you can’t, you’re too close

2. Lights: Visibility today is limited, given the snow and fog. Keep your low beam headlights on all day, not just in the evening

3. Road conditions: Don’t be fooled by roads that look dry. Melted snow or ice can refreeze to create black ice that’s invisible. Therefore drive cautiously at all times

4. Sliding: If your vehicle starts to slide, take your foot off the gas pedal and don’t panic. The worst thing you can do is give your car more gas, as you’ll slide further. Also turn your wheel in the direction of the skid to help you regain control

5. Braking: Avoid slamming on your brakes – especially if your car has begun to skid. Instead, pump the brakes lightly and regularly to control your speed

Also remember to follow the usual safely rules when driving. For example, make sure you and your passengers wear a seat belt and control your speed. If you follow this advice, you should have no problem getting home safe and sound this evening – and then you can really enjoy the snow.

You may also want to check our guide to snow driving/etiquette that we posted last year.