Top 10 Theatre Picks For Early 2014

Dec 19 2017, 9:18 am

One new year’s resolution that’ll be easy to scratch off the list: go see more indie theatre in 2014. Here’s your head start. As we get over another brilliant year in the local arts scene, here are Vancity Buzz’s Top Ten Theatre Picks for Early 2014.

1. Psychotropic Good Times

Medicine (Firehall Arts Centre)
January 14 – 25 at Firehall Arts Centre

Official Blurb: Fringe Festival legend TJ Dawe shares his funny, at times heartbreaking and enlightening experience with Gabor Maté, the Amazonian psychotropic plant medicine ayahuasca, group therapy and his path to introspection.

What’s Cool: Missed this surprise hit of last season, so I’m very glad that Medicine is being remounted for all of you fine discerning folk….

More Information: Here.

2. Feel Something Real (And Maybe Cry)

Bug (Hardline Productions)
Feb 14 – March 1 at The Shop Theatre


Official Blurb: Hardline Productions is excited to be presenting this psychological thriller by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tracy Letts.

What’s Cool: Hardline’s last production, Of Mice and Men, was one of the best productions of last year. I’m excited to see what this talented bunch comes up with next!

More Information: Here.

3. Ladies of the Night at Rickshaw

Mrs. Warren’s Profession (Alley Theatre)
April 22 – 27 at Rickshaw Theatre


Official Blurb: Staged at a unique venue in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, this post-modern re-visitation of Shaw’s controversial play finds a mother and daughter in a battle over what it means to be a modern woman, a “working woman,” and to just plain be a woman.

What’s Cool: This production modernizes Shaw’s play for the experiences of sex workers and women within the Downtown Eastside. A worthy setting and cause.

More Information: Here.

4. The Wild Card

Flee (The Elbow Theatre Society)
Spring 2014 at TBD


Official Blurb: A darkly humorous and Kafkaesque tale in which the dialogue between music, visual storytelling, movement and theatre reveals the unseen and unknowable forces that liberate and bind us.

What’s Cool: Here’s the black sheep of the group. I saw artistic director Itai Erdal pitch this at AGM-Apalooza and I still don’t know what it’s about. And I don’t care.

More Information: Here.

5. Setting: An Actual Trailer Park

Killer Joe (ITSAZOO Productions)
April 16th – May 3 at TBD


Official Blurb: Welcome to the sultry and sordid world of Texas’ seediest trailer park. Spend an evening in the trailer-home of the Smiths: a relentlessly dysfunctional family looking to rise above their white-trash squalor.

What’s Cool: It’s a site-specific production set in an actual trailer park. Yes really. This is happening.

More Information: Here.

6. Everyone Loves An Irish Accent

The Seafarer (Pacific Theatre)
March 7 – 29 at Pacific Theatre


Official Blurb: On a dark and stormy Dublin night, four old friends gather for their annual ritual of cards and demon rum. But things take a sinister turn and they find themselves playing for more than just a few quid.

What’s Cool: It’s a super dark comedy, a sort of drunken Irish fairy tale that hasn’t been Disney-fied.

More Information: Here.

7. Fringe Guy With The Fedora

Underbelly (Stars and Hearts)
Mar 18 – 30 @ The Cultch


Official Blurb: Based on the on the myth and impact of Burroughs and The Beats, Jayson McDonald’s tour de force performance and poetic virtuosity take us on a hallucinatory journey of language, imagery, and an entire generation.

What’s Cool: McDonald is a long-time Fringe Festival audience favourite. And he plays both sides of the fence – Underbelly won The Straight’s Critic’s Choice award in 2012.

More Information: Here.

8. Public Shame Fest

This Stays in the Room (Horseshoes and Hand Grenades)
March 20 – 30 at Gallery Gachet


Official Blurb: The play is a meditation on the experience of shame and forgiveness. Incorporating song, photographic portraiture and choreographed movement, the piece propels the audience on a journey that asks: why do you shame and how do you forgive?

What’s Cool: half of the people who brought you last year’s Except In The Unlikely Event of War. They cool.

More Information: Here.

9.  Dirt & Bluegrass

Floyd Collins (Patrick Street Productions & Talk is Free Theatre)
March 11 – 30 at The York Theatre


Official Blurb: Set in 1925 Kentucky, the riveting musical is based on the true story of an American cave explorer and entrepreneur who, in his search for the ultimate tourist attraction, found himself trapped 100 feet below the earth. The production’s profoundly moving score is tinged with American Bluegrass to tell a powerful story of greed, glory, family, and faith. Presented by Patrick Street Productions.

What’s Cool: Being buried alive is one terrifying nightmare. Maybe watching a musical about it will help…

More Information: Here.

10. Fresh Blood For Hire

New Generations (Trinity Western)
January 28 – February 1 at Trinity Western


Official Blurb: Three plays in 3D…fast, furious, funny! Written and directed by BA and BFA students of TWU’s School of the Arts, Media + Culture.

What’s Cool: Discover the next Picasso of local theatre! Or, watch ’em fall on their faces. You be the judge. Tomatoes not included.

More Information: Here.

Bonus Pick: Best Title Of The Year

Porno Dealth Cult (Firehall Arts Centre)
March 5 – 8 at Firehall Arts Centre


Official Blurb: An exploration of faith and faithlessness, life and death Porno Darth Cult takes the audience on an irreverent and poignant journey as Tara searches for meaning in the mayhem of the human mind.

What’s Cool: Dude, really?

More Information: Here.


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