Top Reasons To Be A Geek In Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 10:14 am

You probably have several friends you’d call “geeks.”

The friends who travel to other cities to go to comic conventions. Who do improv comedy. Or maybe they collect vinyl records. They almost certainly take Halloween way too seriously.

If you can’t think of any friends of yours who are geeks, you’re seriously missing out. Geeks make the best friends, and here’s why.

They’re Loyal

Marvel or DC? Batman or Superman? Zombies or ninjas? presented with a choice, geeks inevitably gravitate towards one or the other and will try to absolutely crush anyone who disagrees with their choice. This preference will often be reflected by the aggressiveness of their collections of statues, literature and other nick-nacks displayed through the house and on their person.

This stalwartness extends from brand loyalty to their personal relationships. Geeks know what it’s like to need someone who’ll listen, so if you have a problem you need to talk about, you can call them – anytime, even if you haven’t talked much recently. Your geek is there for you. They will also defend you when someone’s being nasty behind your back, because their sense of right and wrong was formed by the black-and-white morals of colourful comic book crusaders.

They’re Interesting

Geeks push the envelope. Men go to conventions in full drag as their favourite heroines. Independent improv comedy groups, like the ones seen at Vancouver’s Rio Theatre, have sold out all-women shows and invite players of all racial backgrounds and sexual orientations. I even once wrote an article about local comic book artists who were smashing conventions by drawing for the two major publishers and treating the male characters with just as much titillating sexual objectification (not to mention anatomical detail) as the women.

Plus, they’re usually well-read and therefore clever and funny. Who doesn’t want to be friends with the life of the party?

They Want You!

Though a great many geeks may possess the aforementioned qualities, they got that way by joining a big, welcoming community of like-minded individuals and learning to express themselves. Sure, every community has its jerks (especially online), but true geeks aren’t snobs and love sharing their enthusiasm with new people. Once you really geek out for the first time and wear that Klingon costume you’ve been working on to a con and get all that love, and you’re surrounded by weird things you love and new toys you want to buy, trust me…nobody’s going to hurt you. Show your personality proudly, and you’re guaranteed to make new friends. Authentic living is infectious.

Ultimately, there are no rules – be yourself, let your geek flag fly, and go join that D&D club or knitting circle you’ve been thinking about. Do it now!

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Photo Credit: Evan Eisenstadt.

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