CERB and the Raptors among top Google searches in Canada in 2020

Dec 9 2020, 7:44 am

While it seems like it is never-ending, 2020 is almost over, and as a result of the pandemic Canadians spent a lot of time online this year.

Canadians searched how to make homemade masks, how to apply for CERB, and how to make sourdough bread from scratch.

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The year will ultimately leave Canadians a lot more knowledgeable about many topics, including how to combat boredom and how to overcome zoom fatigue.

From the onset of the coronavirus to CERB and the Toronto Raptors, here are Google’s top trending searches in Canada for 2020.

The ‘Year in Search’ is Google’s annual analysis of trillions of searches performed globally throughout the year.

Here are Canada’s top trending searches of 2020: 

  1. US election
  2. Coronavirus
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Zoom
  5. Raptors
  6. CERB
  7. Kim Jong Un
  8. Naya Rivera
  9. Joe Biden
  10. Trump vs. Biden

Here is the top trending Canadian news in 2020:

  1. Coronavirus
  2. CERB
  3. Air Canada stock
  4. Nova Scotia shooting
  5. Blackout Tuesday
  6. Black Lives Matter
  7. Trudeau press conference today
  8. CERB extension
  9. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau
  10. Safia Nolin

This year’s top trending TV shows feature both a king and a queen, according to Google.

These are the top trending TV Shows: 

  1. Tiger King
  2. The Queen’s Gambit
  3. Ozark
  4. Cobra Kai
  5. Money Heist
  6. The Umbrella Academy
  7. Outer Banks
  8. Emily in Paris
  9. The Witcher
  10. Love Is Blind

Google Trends

Here are 2020’s top trending movies in Canada:

  1. Parasite
  2. Contagion
  3. Black Panther
  4. Borat 2
  5. Little Women
  6. Uncut Gems
  7. Knives Out
  8. Papillon
  9. Mulan
  10. The Gentlemen

Within a few months, Canada was under lockdown in an effort to fend off the novel coronavirus. People’s Google searches reflected the situation and how they were coping with the new normal.

Here are Canada’s top “how to” searches of 2020:

  1. How to apply for EI
  2. How to make hand sanitizer
  3. How to apply for CERB
  4. How to make a mask
  5. How to cut your own hair
  6. How to use Zoom
  7. How to make a sourdough starter
  8. How to get tested for Coronavirus
  9. How to make whipped coffee
  10. How to make bread

People were spending their extended time at home learning how to bake and cook… and then how to work it all off.

Here are Canada’s top searched recipes of 2020:

  1. Easy cookie recipes
  2. Buttermilk recipes
  3. Butternut squash recipes
  4. Sourdough discard recipes
  5. Scalloped potatoes recipes
  6. Bread recipes
  7. Coleslaw recipes
  8. Crock-Pot recipes
  9. Breakfast recipes
  10. Air fryer recipes

Followed by searches for diets and at-home workouts.