7 tips for hitting the Vancouver Flea Market like a pro

Dec 19 2017, 8:40 pm

Spring is just around the corner and that means flea market season is kicking into high gear.

This year’s Vancouver Flea Market promises to attract boisterous sellers to its slew of colourful vendors, and with that, some fun competition. 


Vintage lovers can get a slice of timeless goodies at the Antique Show on March 13, May 8 and July 10. Just roll up your sleeves, write a list and go for the gold with family, friends or if you want, opt for some therapeutic solo shopping- nothing wrong with a little independence. Also worth checking out is the Camera Show on July 24, perfect for the avid photographer.

In honour of the Vancouver Flea Market, we’ve compiled our top seven tips for making your experience a success.

Dress the part

Temperatures tend to fluctuate, especially in Vancouver. Wear lots of lightweight layers so you can switch up your clothes if you’re getting too hot. Wearing a Rolex? Leave it at your bedside table. It’s harder to get a good deal if the seller thinks you’re rolling in cash. Always dress down and keep your eye on the prize.

Go with a friend

Now this is a strategy: divide the grounds up with your friend so you don’t miss out on any deals. Divvy up the aisles between the both of you and guard your cell phone with your life. Treat it like an alert system for communicating fantastic deals.

Set goals

Find a goal and write it down so you can commit to being awesome. This way you won’t get sidetracked. With that in mind, drop by your favourite booths and skip the ones that don’t excite you. Be realistic. Remember you can’t always make it to every vendor.


Image: Jade Stone

Grab some cash

It might seem outdated but most flea markets don’t waste any time with debit card machines. Bring your moolah in its natural form and use it sparingly. This is also a great option for avoiding impulse buys— it’s easy to keep track of your cash flow.

Be friendly

Being polite pays off, in case your mother didn’t teach you. Introduce yourself to vendors with a smile and you’re more likely to score a good deal. Plus, they’re in the loop with other sellers. If you’re friendly then you might get a great deal based on word of mouth.

Show up early

The early bird catches the worm. Show up before the massive crowd so you have a heads up on all the offers. Arriving 30 minutes before the event is a great tactic that allows you to prioritize your options. Just bring your coffee and you’ll be ready to go.

Plan your transportation

If you’re taking transit then be aware of how much you’re able to carry home. Larger items will require a car as well as heavy lifting. Bring an extra friend if needed and figure out where the item needs to be stored.

Check out the Vancouver Flea Market online to see this year’s schedule and check back for updates.

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