Top 5 Spots for Intellectual Discussion After Watching the TED Talks

Dec 19 2017, 10:01 am

Your favorite speaker just dropped a serious knowledge bomb at the TED talks, and you need to debrief with your friends – but where to go? Decisions, decisions. Thankfully, all Tangoo needs to know is your mood, and then we handle the decision part for you. We’ve put together the most appropriate moods for a post-TED shindig, and curated a list of spots that work perfectly to fit those moods.

Tangoo’s post-TED talk moods: Epic, Social, Trendy, With the Team, Touch Base

Without further ado, here they are the venues that match the moods:

Hawksworth Restaurant



After hearing some of the most intelligent and influential people on the planet share their insights, you’ll probably be feeling a little epic.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out Hawksworth Restaurant. Located at the legendary Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Hawksworth combines elegance with modern-style sensibility. They have four distinct rooms, each with its own signature feature. Plus, their food has received rave reviews – perfect for an epic meal after an epic day!




It’s likely you’ll be checking out the TED talks with a friend or two. You’ll need a spot that’s great for social gatherings, where you can show up with the crew and have enough space to eat, drink and be merry.  With a dynamic bar scene and a beautifully renovated interior, Tableau is a  great place to discuss highlights of the TED talks with your closest pals.

Market by Jean Georges


Maybe you went to watch the talks with the team from work. After soaking in all the inspiring ideas and meeting lots of interesting people, you’ll need a space where you can unwind and reflect with your teammates. We recommend Market by Jean Georges. The folks at market put an emphasis on comfort creativity – the perfect setting for an intellectual discussion after a TED talk.



The folks at Oru Cuisine describe themselves as “A vibrant gathering place of celebration, and we couldn’t agree more. This trendy spot has open space and sleek décor that create a happening atmosphere. They also have a lounge section upstairs with couches. Sit back, relax, and debate away about your opinions of your favorite speakers in style.

Yew Seafood & Bar


Let’s say you’re the kind of person who is very attentive, notices every detail, and takes notes during inspirational talks. You’ll want a place where you can touch base with your fellow TED junkies and review all the tedious aspects of the talks, from the way statements were phrased to the body language displayed by the speakers. Yew Seafood & Bar has great wine and innovative cocktails supplement your discussions and attention to detail.

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