Top 5 Beaches in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 12:29 pm

Image: Canadian Veggie

The beaches, they are one of the best things about Vancouver and now that summer is here, Vancouverites will be out enjoying them every possible minute that they can.  At almost every corner of this beautiful city of ours you’ll find a stretch of sand to sit back, relax and enjoy all that a Vancouver summer has to offer. The question is what beach to go too? Which is the best one? Although still very subjective, I did an unscientific twitter poll to find out. So here it goes, the Top 5 Vancouver beaches are…

1. Spanish Banks (map)

This may come as a surprise to many people that live outside the city, but for people that live within Vancouver proper, this was the obvious choice. It’s the least crowded of Vancouver’s beaches, thus offering the perfect escape for the daily grind of city life. Further, it is a great place for skimboarders, kite flying, beach volleyball and the perfect spot for those summer beach parties, that last well into the next morning.

Image: Stephen Rees

2. Kits Beach (map)

I know many of you think that Kitsilano (Kits) Beach should be number one. However,Kits beach has become sort of like the Granville Street of Vancouver beaches. Too many kids from the ‘burbs with their fake Gucci fanny packs for my liking. Plus it loses a lot of points for being far too busy. However, for pure eye candy, nothing and I mean nothing beats Kits! No wonder it was named one of the  10 sexiest beaches in North America.  Further, it’s not to say you can’t go to Kits unless you fit a certain mold, because there is something for everyone at Kits Beach. It has tennis courts, basketball courts and of course Kits Pool, one of largest outdoor pools on the continent. Plus this is where Volleyball players come to strut their stuff.

Image: Stephen Dyrgas

3. Jericho Beach (map)

Nestled between Kitsilano Beach and Spanish Banks is Jericho Beach. Great views of the North Shore and downtown, Jericho is also a good spot for sailing, windsurfing and kayaking.

4. English Bay (map)

For tourists this is the only beach they know of as many don’t veer too far from the downtown core. English Bay also is loved by the locals as people from all over the Lower Mainland  flock to this popular destination, much to the chagrin of many West End residents. Here you’ll find the perfect combination of flesh and family fun. Plus you’re bound to run into a crazy busker or two and a dude with a ghetto blaster on roller blades will almost certainly stroll on by. Vancouverites will probably recognize Spandy Andy as he is always there. Of course the best seat in the house for the Celebration of Light.

5. Wreck Beach (map)

For all you out there expecting hot naked chicks, like at those European beaches, don’t count on it. Nonetheless, this six-kilometre long beach located at the western tip of Vancouver, next to UBC always draws a crowd.  Vendors Row is a great place to grab a snack.
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