Top 3 Sexy Hiking Spots For Amorous Vancouver Couples

Dec 19 2017, 11:39 am

“What’s this?”, my girlfriend asked. There was a clearing you could see from the trail. A small pond surrounded by a soft sponge-like moss.“Let’s go over here…”.

I grabbed her hand and led her behind the cover of some bushes and trees. We were hidden, yet still exposed to the sun and in the open before the pond.

Hiking will never be the same…

The summer is a good time to drop a few layers, but why not drop all of them? If you’re an adventurous Vancouver couple looking to indulge in a little risque behaviour before the summer ends, consider singing with the birds au naturel.

Let it hang and be free when you have a pit-stop on your deep-woods trek, in the deep woods. Instead of doing the same old thing try some spicy exploring before the summer ends.

Before going crazy on a steamy nature liaison, make sure to keep the following things in mind:


Find areas which do not have heavy foot traffic, or at least are well covered by trees or bushes. This may not be the kind of ‘bear’ other people were thinking about on their family outing, so keep it between you and the trees, and the trees between you and the public.

Watch out for plants which might not be suitable for contact, and although there are not many animal attacks keep in mind you are in the woods.

Also be conscious that there may be laws which disagree with your spicy zest for nature. This article is not legal advice. Just saying.

There, now that the fun has been taken out of it, let’s get back to the fun stuff.

What To Take

1. Beach Towel, Yoga Mat or Blanket

Great for avoiding the dirt when you get down and dirty. In an emergency, lay out a couple of T-shirts.

2. Water

You’re going to lose a lot of moisture so stay hydrated.

3. Condoms or Birth Control

Condoms are great for making balloon animals.

4. Loose Clothing

Will keep you cool in the summer heat, and easier to access your goodies, such as a Cliff Bar, nuts, banana, peach or other healthy snacks.

The Top 3 Trails

There are many other trails which could also work, but according to our research, these trails have all of the right criteria. No public transit so not a lot of people, and some beautiful scenery.

1. Cypress Falls at Cypress Falls Park

A very small trail which is not frequented by many people. Has a nice little river which is very refreshing after a lot of outdoor physical activity in the hot hot heat.

2. Goldie Lake On Mt. Seymour

There are lots of shaded, and private, wooded areas. Has a beautiful lake with some crazy birds which will join you for lunch, and they have no shame in landing on you.

3. Brandywine Falls

This is probably the best spot if you want numerous private spots to ‘take a break’. Some highlights include a beautiful turquoise river, suspension bridge, beautiful waterfall, and numerous ponds which are surrounded by a soft spongy substrate. The spongy ponds are a perfect place for a rest that won’t chafe when you get on your knees, to take a better picture.

Brandywine Falls also has wildlife for animal enthusiast. Some amazing red squirrels and dragonflies. At least squirrels can’t eat you, but you can be in peace while you eat all you want in the serenity of nature. Picnics are great.

Summer won’t be here long so make it happen while the weather is good.


Feature Image: Hiking couple sunset via Shutterstock