Top 10 spots to meet single men in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 7:58 am

Single men in Vancouver are assumed to be in hibernation year round – this is incorrect. Although they are hard to locate, they do in fact venture to bars, beaches, school and work. The constant battle for the single women in Vancouver has prompted me to compile a list of top spots to find these creatures we call single men. It wasn’t easy, it has never been easy but, after a few years of research, several nights out and many conversations with single men and women, I think it’s time I finally share my list of top 10 spots to meet single men in Vancouver.

1. Vancouver Beaches

Summer has arrived and with that comes shirtless single men glistening in the sun (excuse my over exaggeration). If Vancouver is one thing in the summer, it’s beautiful and what better way to enjoy the beauty than set out to the beaches this city has to offer.

Let’s face it, when summer hits Vancouver, men migrate to the grass and sand to take part in activities (some active, some more along the lines of drinking and smoking something green alongside the greenery). What’s better than a day in the sun and a strong possibility of meeting someone single? For one, the bright sun makes us all look better in a bikini. Secondly, it’s a relaxed environment; no need to paint on a face of makeup, strap on a pair of heels or fear that every man approaching is wasted. I’ve watched pickups occur first hand, I have overheard terrible pickup lines, I’ve watched a of number exchanges and I’ve witnessed some good and bad flirtation. Here is a list of some of my personal favourite beaches in Vancouver:

  • Kits
  • Jericho
  • Sunset
  • Second and Third Beach
  • Wreck

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2. Joey Bentall

Well-dressed, off work and in need of a wind down, the men at Joey Bentall are awaiting your arrival. This spot ranks number two because the men in business clothes deserve it. Proving that each and every table of men is single would be difficult but I can guarantee a good looking crowd that is more than happy to mingle. This post-work hot spot may be worth your time.

3. Local

Honestly, number three cracks me up a bit because the women of this city are constantly telling me about the eye candy at Local. Could it be the proximity to Kits beach, the beer and drink selection or perhaps the food menu that draws in the meat? Whatever the reason, it is no secret that the hot single locals can be found at Local.

4. Yaletown Brewery

Breweries tend to attract men and YTB is no exception. Each and every time I’ve stopped by for a beer, I’ve confirmed my theory; I assure you both the beer and men are worth your visit. If the beer selection isn’t enough, the setup and vibe continues to draw in the kind of men I don’t mind having a drink with. Take a seat on the couch near the fireplace or park yourself on the patio, wherever you decide I know you won’t be disappointed.

5. Bimini

My first Bimini experience was one to remember. In simple terms the men were hot, very hot and the place was packed full of them. They were also talkative and they approached, which I found refreshing. As this list goes on, I feel as if Kits may just be the centre for hot men in our city.

6. The Sea Wall

It can be slightly distracting for those of you who are serious about exercise. With each stride of your run, a hot man will pass (be careful, we don’t want injuries). Shirtless, sweaty, in shape or getting in shape – does it get much hotter, ladies? Whether they are rollerblading, biking, walking or running, they are infesting the sea wall in the best way possible. I dare you to go for a run.

7. Lamplighter

As a single gal in this city I always referred back to my old friend the Lamp. I’ve never been disappointed by the selection of attractive men – including the bartenders. Gastown attracts Vancouver’s casual dressers, hipsters and the laid back single men. If you have a thing for facial hair, plaid and tight pants, well then I say head over to Lamplighter.

8. The Roxy

The good old Roxy, lined up on weekends, filled with men looking to have a good time. The Roxy has always been one of my top suggestions for single girls in Van. I’ve always enjoyed myself whether I headed out with a large group of girls or one single friend. Live music brings those who enjoy dancing to the Dfloor and if that’s not your thing, there is no limit of bar space to rest on.

9. Tap and Barrel

Any place that serves warm pretzels has my vote, but that and hot men – come on! With a patio that looks out onto the water, a great selection of beer and a delicious menu, it’s no surprise this spot attracts single men chatting over a cold beer on a hot day.

10. Cactus Club Yaletown

This choice may be generic but I think that’s why, night after night, single men meet amongst friends. Most Cactus locations strive, but this spot is at the top for single hotties. Sit at the bar, the lounge or the dining room with friends, you will enjoy the view.

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