Top 10 public transit fare evaders owe total of $73,000 in unpaid fines

Dec 19 2017, 10:12 am

On April 1, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) began rejecting driver’s license renewals and auto insurance to those with unpaid TransLink transit fare evasion tickets issued in 2012 and earlier.

This comes after passed provincial legislation last year that allows the insurance corporation to provide a barrier to those who do not pay their transit fares and the resulting ticket(s) after being caught. A further tool of collection agencies can also be used to pursue delinquent fare evaders.

According to the Surrey Leader, new ICBC data reveals TransLink’s top 10 transit fine offenders with each individual collecting a minimum of 35 unpaid tickets dating back as early as 2012.

Each individual owes more than $4,000, with all ten offenders owing a total of $73,000. The identities of the fare evaders were not provided.

One Abbotsford individual topped the list, receiving 107 tickets totalling $14,583. Five of the worst fare evaders are from Surrey while another three are from Burnaby.

Fare evasion fines begin at $173, and if it goes unpaid increases to $213 after six months and $273 after a year.

However, this list is not based on a compilation of all fare evaders. As the list was created by ICBC, it only reveals the offenders with driver’s licenses. There could be other transit riders who do not have a driver’s license but also evade fares and have attained even larger total penalties.

ICBC began to send warning letters to ticket holders in March. Pre-2012 fines will go towards the provincial government’s revenues, while tickets issued in 2012 and after are payable to TransLink.

Top 10 Public Transit Fare Evaders

1. Abbotsford resident – 107 tickets, $14,583

2. Burnaby resident – 86 tickets, $11,678

3. Surrey resident – 56 tickets, $8,418

4. Surrey resident – 46 tickets, $7,831

5. Burnaby resident – 45 tickets, $4,610

6. Surrey resident – 45 tickets, $4,828

7. Burnaby resident – 41 tickets, $5,326

8. Surrey resident – 38 tickets, $4,288

9. Surrey resident – 36 tickets, $5,720

10. New Westminster resident – 35 tickets, $5,801

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