Top 10 Pavel Bure Moments: #8 Scoring 60 Goals for the First Time

Dec 19 2017, 4:39 pm

It’s Rob The Hockey Guy back for another great Pavel Bure moment. We are one week away from Pavel Bure becoming just the fourth Canucks player to have his jersey raised to the rafters and we are sitting at #8 in our countdown of Pavel’s greatest moments. The first two installments looked at moments from his incredible rookie season: his first game and Pavelmania. Today we are going to stroll down memory lane again, looking at Pavel’s second season, the year he scored 60 goals in a season for the first time.

Bure burst onto the scene as a rookie in the 1991-92 season and took the league by storm. What did he have for an encore for year two? He scored 60 goals!

To put Bure’s accomplishment into perspective, one needs to understand that Vancouver had never seen anything like him before. Bure scored 60 goals, smashing the previous club record of 45 held by Tony Tanti. He also put up 110 points, way ahead of Patrick Sundstrom’s previous record of 91. Pavel’s 110 points were a full 25 points more than his nearest teammate, Cliff Ronning, who finished with 85 points.

As if scoring 60 goals in a season wasn’t enough, many of them were of the highlight reel variety. Whenever Bure touched the puck, there was a buzz in the building as something exciting would happen seemingly every shift.


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