Today’s Snow Dump/Driving Etiquette

Dec 19 2017, 12:43 pm

At least four centimetres of snowfall has accumulated in downtown and will prove to be a challenge for morning commutes. A snowfall warning remains in effect. Here’s the latest as of 6am and winter driving tips brought to you by the Vancity Buzz.

Update: Multiple accidents are being reported around the Lower Mainland in the early morning. Plan your route carefully!

Environment Canada is reporting that areas of Metro Vancouver will receive up to 15 centimetres of snow by Thursday afternoon. The snow is expected to turn to rain by this evening.

Vancity Buzz wants to remind you that when you are driving in the snow, it is best to:

  • Keep extra distance between you and the car in front of you to avoid rear-end accidents
  • Pump your breaks if you lose traction and do not have an anti-lock brake system
  • Don’t add extra acceleration through sharp turns – this is how you will lose traction
  • Go extra slow on steep downhills, you will not be able to stop on the snow!
  • Remember that your stopping distance is three times longer on a snowy road
  • Snow tires are better than all-seasons because the rubber is softer and has more grip in freezing cold
  • If your vehicle cannot handle the road conditions then leave it at home

Are you skilled enough to handle the winter driving? One of the best ways of learning if your vehicle can handle the snow is to find a wide open and large parking lot that has at least four inches of snow with no obstacles. Practice making slow turns and feel where you vehicle starts to slip. Remember this is done at your own risk and any accident is your own fault!

Curious what road conditions are like in your area? Check out B.C. highway cams here. Remember, take it easy on crazy snow days and do not hurt everyone’s commute because you put your car in a ditch!

Photo credit: Tiberiu Ana

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