Titmouse Vancouver Studios to Open Soon

Chalk another one up for the city’s growing digital animation scene as Titmouse Studios is expanding and is opening its first international studio in Vancouver.

Vancouver seems to the be the city of choice for animation companies as Pixar, Sony and others have already set up shop here.

Titmouse Inc is based in Los Angeles, California and also has a studio in New York City.  The studio is responsible for such shows as Motorctiy, Black Dynamite, Superjail, Metalacolypes, Venture Brothers, China IL, Scott Pilgrim Vs the Animation and many others.

Where they’ll open up is unknown, however, the look for the studio to be located somewhere in either Gastown, Yaletown or near the Great Northern Way Campus, where growing digital animator, Vancouver based Nerd Corps is located.

Image: The Stylester