Titan's Eve chases hope by way of the devil

Dec 19 2017, 4:44 pm

Chasing The Devil, the new album from Vancouver-based heavy metal band Titan’s Eve, has a lot to say. Along with face-melting shreds and anthemic riffs that speak loudly to fans of Judas Priest and Metallica, the group’s third full-length also confronts inner demons and demands to overcome them.

“There’s always things in life that come along that might be really easy for some people,” Brian Gamblin, guitarist and lead vocalist, says. “There’s other people that might be able to go and do certain tasks [with] no problem where other people are like, ‘I wouldn’t even attempt that!’ It’s all just the blocks that we put up in our brains that tell us inside that we can’t. We’re all human, we’re all essentially the same construct — why can’t we do whatever we decide we want to do? The only thing that holds us back, other than obviously a physical handicap, is our brains. And that’s in all of us. The idea behind Chasing The Devil is you turn that fear around and you own it.”

Titan’s Eve, comprised of Gamblin, Kyle Gamblin (vocals, guitar), Jesse Hord (bass), and Casey Ory (drums), wanted to bring their sound to an organic, grassroots level for Chasing The Devil in comparison to the refined thrash found on their last effort, 2012’s Life Apocalypse. Recording at the legendary Warehouse Studio with producer Eric Mosher (AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne), the band taped the tracks right off the floor.

“It gives it more of a live feel,” Gamblin explains. “It’s not ultra edited or anything like that.” After guitar dubs and vocals were added in, the songs were then mastered by Jeff Waters of Annihilator. “Jeff Waters is a Canadian metal legend,” Gamblin continues. “It was cool working with him. It was just another one of those people that we work with that was just [a] checkmark, you know what I mean?”

From the vehemence of opener “We Defy” to the hopeful, epic closer “The Endless Light,” the eight tracks on Chasing The Devil play like a book, connecting seamlessly with each other both sonically and lyrically. The song placement was done on purpose, with the intention of taking the listener on a journey that brings them out on the other side feeling strong, positive, and inspired to persevere through whatever struggle they may be faced with.

“You can be hit so many times in life,” Gamblin says. “Things can not go your way or not work out at all and people always callous – it’s like a callous on your soul, it gets tougher and tougher. Some people continue [on] and hopefully this message can help them build that callous onto them — not to harden a person’s heart, but to harden their soul and carry on. A person still has to retain what it means to be human while becoming stronger so they can help anyone else that may need it.”

Titan’s Eve performs at Astoria on August 14.

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