‘Tis the season to #shareameal

The holidays are here and along with the busiest time of the year comes stressful decision-making. With the true meaning of the holidays being one of giving and sharing with others, we’re thrilled to share an initiative that has made doing so simple.

Our friend, Mark Brand from Save on Meats is out to change the way we give and has teamed up with community pals Village&Co., an agency dedicated to social media. The Village team has crafted a unique giving initiative that is taking social media conversations and converting them into a one-for-one meal campaign, all with the simple use of a hashtag.

Throughout the month of December, each time someone unique uses the hashtag #shareameal on a social platform, the Village elves are adding a Save on Meats Sandwich Token to their Union Street office Christmas tree. Come January, the month when those in need require the most support, they’ll be taking down their tree and giving the hashtag-donated tokens to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.

For more information about the initiative visit the Village&Co. blog and don’t forget to #shareameal this holiday season.