5 tips for staying motivated to exercise in rainy Vancouver weather

Dec 19 2017, 12:56 pm

The mercury is dropping, days are shorter, and we have officially entered into our city’s drizzliest season. Chances are, your couch, coziest PJs and hours of Netflix sound a whole lot more appealing than getting your sweat on.

While you won’t be wearing a bathing suit anytime soon, there are still plenty of reasons that you need to be making exercise a priority right now. As we slip into the dark, cold winter months, it is easy to feel down and fatigued.

Exercise is a great way to rev up those feel-good endorphins and boost your energy. Regular exercise also helps improve your sleep, skin, and level of focus, among countless other things.


Here are five easy tips to help you start making exercise a regular part of your routine, rain or shine:

1. Write it down

It may be the type-A tendencies in me, but I love to write down my workout plans for the week on Sunday evening. I post this schedule somewhere I can see it: my desk, fridge, etc. There is something about putting it in writing that motivates me to actually make it happen. Also, is there anything more satisfying than crossing something off after it is done? Not really.

2. Make it a date

Sweat dates are kind of the best thing ever. When planning your exercise for the week, try to coordinate with a friend. This always helps keep me accountable and is a great way to stay in touch. I love to grab coffee or brunch after a good sweat session with a girlfriend. Keep up-to-date and stay fit – two birds with one stone!

3. Try something new

Feeling in a rut with your workout routine plus wet weather is a sure fire way to guarantee that workouts will be skipped. Trying out a new class helps to break up the sometimes-monotonous nature of working out, and is often very motivating. Some great options to check out— Ride Cycle Club, Movement 108 and Kondi.

4. Treat yourself

They say it takes just 21 days to create a habit. Had a few solid weeks of getting sweaty while it is down pouring? Reward yourself! Cute, functional workout wear is always a good treat as it motivates you to stick with your routine. I also love to buy myself a latte after a tough sweat. Sometimes the thought of that coffee is the only thing that gets me through a tough workout.

5. Be ahead of the game

How many of you have included “exercise more,” in your new year’s resolutions? I know this often makes my list and is usually a result of eating my way through the holiday season and not making enough time for exercising. Take the opportunity right now, before things get too crazy, to form the workout habit. You will be grateful for it when January 1 rolls around. There is also a saying that never ceases to motivate me when the streets of Vancouver are looking rather dismal: Summer bodies are made in winter.

It’s time to stop hibernating, and get sweating!


Written by Liz, who works in social media at lululemon athletica. Her dream is to one-day work as a freelance writer. Books are her one true love, with Pinterest as a close second. Follow what she is up to Instagram at @lady__lizz.

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