5 tips for the perfect date night at Evo Summer Cinema

Dec 20 2017, 12:32 am

The outdoor movies in Stanley Park can be the perfect little date night, whether it’s your first or your tenth. A warm summer night coupled with your favourite movie can set the tone and mood perfectly for a romantic evening with a person you care about.


To ensure a lovely night at the Evo Summer Cinema with that special someone, follow these five tips closely.

1. Make sure you’re prepared

Nothing is worse than showing up to the movies unprepared. You wouldn’t want your date to sully their clothes on the ground, so a blanket or large towel is a must to avoid grass stains. A homemade meal will really “wow” your partner, but if in doubt, there are plenty of food stands around the area. And don’t forget to bring a blanket to keep warm and for cuddling.

2. Keep public displays of affection to a minimum

When you’re in the throws of a new relationship, it can be pretty hard to keep your hands to yourself, especially when you want the world to know just how in love you are. As we all know, Evo Summer Cinema is very popular, and it can be distracting when you’re making out with someone three feet (or less) away from another group of people. Practice safe movie going and save the PDA for afterwards.

3. Come early

The first few initial dates can be pretty daunting – some might say downright awkward. Avoid some of the awkwardness by securing a spot early so you and your date have a chance to get to know each other and taking in all the beauty Stanley Park has to offer. Play some volleyball, enjoy the beach and watch a great movie once the sun goes down.

4. Make getting there a little easier

Impress your movie date with the help of Evo Car Share. Show up to their house in a fuel efficient, low emission Toyota Prius to take them to the big event (yes, a hybrid car is impressive). And since you’re in an EVO car, there’s no need to drive around looking for parking. Designated, specially reserved Evo parking spots are available during the event.  And when it’s time to say “let’s get out of here,” simply book a car on the app and you’re on your way. Using Evo will not only show your date how much you care about the environment, your planning and intelligence will show through in spades.

5. Have fun

Perhaps the most important part of dating is just being yourself and having fun.  Shake out the nerves, have no expectations, and go with the flow – these are the keys to a great time, and your date will feel more relaxed as well.  Watching a movie at Evo Summer Cinema is the perfect, easy, relaxed (not to mention free) date that’s accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Learn more about the Evo Summer Cinema outdoor movie events, and don’t forget to enter our contest to win VIP seating and 100 minutes of drive time.

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Evo Car Share is Vancouver’s only pick-up and drop-off anywhere car sharing service to offer a full fleet of four-door, hybrid vehicles. With room for five passengers, cargo space, bike and ski racks, Evo allows more ways for people to live the B.C. lifestyle. Created by BCAA, Evo aims to meet the changing mobility needs of British Columbians, whether or not they own a car. Evo cars can be booked and accessed via smartphone using the Evo App. Evo supports local communities by donating 100% of users’ $2 annual car share operator fee to local non-profit agencies. Learn more at evo.ca.


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