Time to get CRAY!

There’s something new on the Main St. block and it’s about to make things go cray! Literally. Let me introduce you to the Cray Kitchen & Wetbar- a casual dining restaurant that’s bringing Louisiana style seafood to the streets of Vancouver.

Ah, finally. Craw-fish in Van-city!

Now, let me warn you—this is not your ordinary dining experience. It goes far beyond the regular routine of sitting down, ordering food and then waiting for its arrival. You get down and dirty at Cray.

First, you choose your seafood, (whether it be craw-fish, lobster, clams , etc) and then your flavorings and spice levels. I personally fell in love with the Cray Mix with medium spice.

The server then comes and lines your table with a sheet of paper and places a bucket filled with gloves, paper towels, salt and pepper on the table. To make the experience even more unique, you then get a bib! Not just any bib either—a lobster bib! Your job now becomes to put the gloves on, grab the craw-fish, twist the tail and devour it!

Although this restaurant offers other options such as burgers & sandwiches, they specialize in seafood (and they do it extremely well). I would say that ordering the craw-fish is an absolute must do—at least for your first visit!

Here’s a quick low-down of what I got to try:
1. Cod Nuggets $9.99
Deep fried crispy cod pieces served over a bed of fries with tartar sauce.

The cod pieces were extremely delicate for being deep fried and so unbelievably tender.

2. Crawfish with Cray Mix ( mixture of cajun +garlic butter + lemon pepper ) $13.99/lb

The Crawfish was shipped fresh from louisiana and  sold at markert price (13.99/lb). This is an absolute must-have on your first visit to Cray!

There was about 40 of these little guys in the bag, surprisingly very filling. For those of you who’ve never ate Crawfish before–do not fear, there are instructions in place for you!

3. Atlantic Lobster from Nova Scotia $19.99/lb (market price)

I fell in love with the lobster (much more than I had with the crawfish). The meat on the lobster was extremely tender and the garlic butter made it all the better.  Heads up though–you must order a minimum of 2lb of Lobster per order.

We finally ended the night with the Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake $5.99. 

I’m excited for you all to check out Cray Kitchen & Bar and to tell me about your CRAY-ZY dining experience.

Love always,

Romina Moradi (small girl BIG plate) x

Twiter: smgirlbigplate

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