Tim Hortons to reintroduce reusable cups for indoor dining and drive-thru

Apr 4 2022, 3:54 pm

Tim Hortons will once again allow guests to bring their own reusable cups for indoor dining and drive-thru starting Wednesday.

The coffee chain announced that as of April 6, guests will be able to use their reusable cups for their drink orders and get a 10-cent discount for doing so.

Not only will this cover any hot beverage beverage, but it also includes cold beverages, including iced capps, cold brews, iced coffees, iced lattes, Quencher drinks, lemonade and frozen lemonade, creamy chills, and smoothies.

“We’ve been looking forward to accepting reusable cups in restaurants again and have been working hard with Tims restaurant owners to ensure we do so safely and consistently – including with cold beverages,” said Paul Yang, Senior Director of Innovation and Sustainability for Tim Hortons.

“In 2019, we reduced our usage of single-use cups by serving nearly 15 million hot beverage orders in reusable cups. Now by offering the option of getting cold beverages served in reusable cups, the potential to reduce the use of single-use cups is even greater.”

Tims asks that those wanting to bring a reusable cup must ensure that it is clean and in good condition. Team members will not be cleaning cups or serving drinks in cups that are cracked or visibly damaged.

Those ordering in a drive-thru lane must also have a lid for their reusable cup.

Along with the reintroduction of reusable cups, select Tims locations will also reintroduce in-restaurant dishware, which includes mugs, plates, and cutlery, at some point soon.

The chain also plans to allow guests to order ahead using their Tims app and let the restaurant know they will be bringing their own cup. The drinks would be prepared ahead of time and then transferred to the guests’ cups when they arrive.

“We know we can do better, and we know our guests will be excited to participate with us in reducing waste,” said Yang. “We invite them to bring their reusable cups on their next Tims run.”

Tim Hortons-branded reusable drinkware will be available for purchase at participating restaurants, the chain will release a new lineup of stainless steel mugs, tumblers, and straws to add to your collection.

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