Old-style Tim Hortons lids being sold as "vintage" for big bucks

Jan 3 2020, 3:28 pm

Justin Bieber has made it clear he isn’t a fan of the new lids at Tim Hortons and — as celebrities do — it seems he’s started a trend.

Retro-lid lovers can now take to the Internet to get ahold of the cup-toppers that we all thought were long gone.

Facebook Marketplace is now riddled with posts offering the phased-out lids for a pretty penny nickel. That’s anywhere from a set of 10 for $100 to 1 lid for $99.

Tim Hortons

Leah Larocque / Facebook Marketplace

Described as “antique” and “vintage,” the postings are all offering unused lids, one noting that they’re “in high demand locally and nationwide.”

Sean Keld / Facebook Marketplace

“We took more than two years to develop the new lid – conducting 12 research studies, serving over 30 million beverages, and working with thousands of guests to help us design it,” said Alex Macedo, president of Tim Hortons, in a release at the time of the new lid launch.

Ian Benninghaus / Facebook Marketplace

“Our guests have been asking for a better lid for years and we took the time to research and develop an improved lid that not just reduces spills but has a reduced carbon footprint. Guest feedback on our new lid is overwhelmingly positive with a nine-to-one preference over our old lid,” Macedo said.

But what if you’re the one in that nine-to-one? The offer by Ian Benninghaus reads: “Can deliver. Cross posted. First come first serve.”

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