Tim Hortons drinkers show off their 'trophies' following Roll Up The Rim (PHOTOS)

Mar 28 2017, 7:26 pm

Tim Hortons annual Roll Up The Rim contest has wrapped up for another year and now, as if they were prized hunting trophies, Timmies coffee drinkers have taken to social media to tally up and show off their winnings.

Check out the collections of winning coupons from these fortuitous double-double drinkers. Some are happy to brag about their good luck, others are collecting winning tabs to give out to the homeless, and some are simply lamenting the fact that they’ll be living off of doughnuts and potato wedges for the foreseeable future.

Don’t forget, food and drink prizes must be claimed at restaurants by May 4.

official count for Roll Up 2017 is 17/110 @timhortons #rolluptherim #SteepedTeaAddiction #CrosbyStillsNash

A post shared by Conner Boden (@connerrushboden) on

@chrislferris how’s your collection? #rolluptherim #winning

A post shared by ᑯᐹᒃ ᐅᒃᑯᖅ ᑕᑦᑐᐃᓂ (@tattuinee) on

Looks like I’m on a roll. #rolluptherim #onaroll

A post shared by brenton (@chuggalugg88) on

Redeemed just 2. #rolluptherim #winning

A post shared by ᑯᐹᒃ ᐅᒃᑯᖅ ᑕᑦᑐᐃᓂ (@tattuinee) on

I think I have enough tabs for a few days #timhortons #rolluptherim #rollup #timmies

A post shared by Kitt Hutchins (@kristopurrh) on

Guess who’s not paying for #☕️ for the next two days!😊 #timhortons #rolluptherim

A post shared by gpismenny (@gpismenny) on

time to cash in! #rolluptherim #timmies #yum #snacktime

A post shared by matt ng (@itsmmmatt) on

#RollUpTheRim #swag 2017. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

A post shared by Shawn Rouse (@shawnrouse) on

When ur broke so you gotta live of #rolluptherim #timhortons #toronto

A post shared by Neil (@neilthenewman) on

Rrroll up the carbs! @timhortons #rolluptherim @jo_mcf for ✌ wins

A post shared by Gurvir Sahota (@gurvir_sahota) on

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