Tim Hortons and CIBC introduce the Double Double Visa Card

Dec 19 2017, 11:08 am

Canada’s largest coffee company has partnered with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce for the launch of a new points card.

The CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card was officially launched July 2. On its surface are two buttons—one for a Visa purchase, and the other to switch to a Tim Card. Users of this card can manually switch within the two settings and will earn one per cent of their Visa purchases back to them in Tim Cash, a new currency this card will establish.

The Tim Cash will accumulate with every Visa swipe and will be stored for users to make purchases at Tim Hortons.

“This is a very complex piece of machinery in a sense,” said CIBC executive David Williamson in a video interview with the Canadian Press. “It’s got an antenna wrapped around the card, because it’s a tap and go card, it’s also got a chip for larger dollar value purchases, and the buttons actually work to transform the card.”

The two companies will see if customers get hooked on the new Double Double Visa loyalty program just as they are hooked on their caffeinated double doubles. Only time will tell if customers will actually make the switch to this “complex piece of machinery” and start using a Visa card to earn Tim Cash.

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