Tim Hortons introduces bottled iced capp across Canada

Jul 14 2016, 12:22 am

Your summer love affair with cold brew just got even hotter cooler.

‘Cause Tim Hortons, aka everyone’s favourite coffee-selling coffee shop named after a famous hockey player, has just introduced a bottled Iced Capp that you’ll be able to find at major grocery and convenience retailers across Canada.

Original, Mocha, and Vanilla flavours will all be available for just $2.49 (per 3oo ml bottle), or the same price as a small Iced Capp in stores.

Mixed with 100% Canadian milk, the Iced Capp has been a Canadian favourite since its introduction in 1999. And now that you can get it whenever you want, we expect it will challenge the #doubledouble in Instagram tags this summer.

Get yours today and tell us what you think!

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