Paying it forward: Abbotsford man buys $500 of Tim Hortons for strangers

Jun 28 2016, 9:48 pm

The customers of an Abbotsford Tim Hortons were surprised to find their coffees and breakfasts came free of charge on Tuesday morning, thanks to a good samaritan who decided to pay it forward.

Christine Therielt, the manager of the Tim Hortons on Fraser Highway, tells Daily Hive that the man offered up $500 to pay for customers for the next hour at both the drive-thru window and inside the restaurant.

“He said that his brother had a baby and so they were celebrating the baby and wanted the baby to be able to be blessed,” she says.

Customers were “quite shocked,” says Theirelt, and while she says people have given money to pay it forward in the past, this is the largest sum she’s ever personally seen.

“I’ve had $100 – that was the most. Otherwise it’s just generally the person will pay for the person behind them.”

“This was just pure generosity, it was unreal,” she says, adding the man is a regular at her location.

Emily Morgan was one of the lucky customers. She was getting her breakfast at the drive-thru when she was informed by the employee at the window that it was free of charge.

“I’ve heard of people paying it forward to the next person – I’ve never had it happen to me,” she tells Daily Hive. “I offered the employee my $3.95 for my iced cap, but she told me to keep it.”

“I was stunned.”

Lauren SundstromLauren Sundstrom

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