Commuters trapped for 3 hours during one of the city's worst traffic jams

Nov 8 2019, 12:02 pm

Thursday’s rush hour traffic along Hastings and the North Shore could go down as one of Vancouver’s worst traffic jams in recent history.

And sadly, that’s no exaggeration.

Traffic woes started in the early afternoon when a concrete truck rolled over on the McGill Street on-ramp at approximately 2 pm.

As a result, eastbound traffic was closed, with several lanes of traffic reduced to one lane.

The closure remained for several hours, creating immense congestion and delays within the North Shore, even as late as 8 pm.

Additional incidents on the Lions Gate Bridge and Highway 1 in North Vancouver only created more commuter chaos.

TransLink reported issues on a number of buses both in and around North Vancouver, with delays of up to two hours.

Here’s a look at what some commuters had to go through during Thursday’s nightmare traffic jam.