Trudeau throne speech "disappointment" to Alberta, Saskatchewan: Scheer

Dec 5 2019, 11:57 pm

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer expressed his disappointment with the Liberal throne speech today, calling it an “insult to the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan.”

In a response following the speech, Scheer said Trudeau was sending an “extremely negative message.”

“Justin Trudeau has caused the damage that is effecting our natural resource sector — our oil and gas sector. Billions of dollars of investment have left Canada, have left the energy sector to be invested in other countries,” Scheer said.

“This notion, this idea that Mr. Trudeau likes to put about that there’s some … that the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan are victims of a global phenomenon is just false.”

This afternoon in Ottawa, Governor General Julie Payette delivered the speech to formally open the first session of the 43rd Parliament at the Senate of Canada Building.

The speech laid out reconciliation, climate change, and strengthening the middle class as  key factors the Liberal government are hoping to focus on during their current time in power.

Tensions between Canada’s western provinces and the Trudeau government have been on the rise since the results of the 2019 federal election, during which not a single seat turned (or stayed) Liberal in all of Alberta and Saskatchewan and support behind western Canada seceding from the confederacy of Canada began to grow.

Scheer said the throne speech failed to recognize the “anger and the sentiments” that currently exist in those provinces.

“I am worried that Mr. Trudeau’s entire approach is sending a very negative signal to many parts of this country. That he doesn’t understand the feelings that exist in several provinces,” said Scheer.

“Luckily, the Conservative party stands ready to show Canadians how we will ensure that Canada works. How we will put forward concrete proposals that bring our country closer together.”

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