3 great albums that came out of Vancouver in 2015

Dec 20 2017, 3:17 am

Maybe there’s something in the water but Vancouver, it seems, is a breeding ground for immensely talented musicians. No matter the genre; whether it be punk, folk, or electronic, there’s something about this city that breeds great music. It’s a wonderful thing, for a city to have such a thriving and diverse music scene, and we, as Vancouverites, are quite lucky to live amongst it.

To celebrate some of the great stuff that’s come out of the Vancouver music scene in 2015, here is our rundown of three fantastic albums that were released locally this year.

BRASS, No Soap Radio

Raw riffs, agonizing howls, furious energy — the unstoppable force that is BRASS when they play live is translated perfectly on No Soap Radio, their debut full length album, with 10 tracks of hectic, mosh pit-inducing hardcore. Most impressive, though, is BRASS’ ability to craft a damn good song. These boys seriously know how to play and there is substance to their lyrics. Songs like “Monolithic” are satisfyingly rambunctious and “Plane’s That Never,” with that slight squealing of sax, showcases the band’s depth. Punk as powerful as a swift kick to the groin.

Humans, Noontide

Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade, the guys behind electronic act Humans, have been longtime local favourites due to their infectious combination of soulful vocals slathered over light-versus-dark soundscapes. After five years of releasing EPs and singles, Noontide is the duo’s first full length and it stands as their glossiest work to date. The stand-out “Gotta Go Home” plays with heavy percussion, moody hues, and an impossibly catchy hook, while funky tracks like “At The Beach” keep the party going.

Destroyer, Poison Season

On Poison Season, singer-songwriter Dan Bejar maintains the melancholic undertones of his last release, Kaputt, while exploring jazz soundscapes, chamber pop, and orchestral arrangements. The result is both beautiful and thought-provoking, with Bejar’s rock and roll intellect entwining the sonic with lush lyrics like, “It sucks when there’s nothing but gold in those hills.”

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