Check out the size of these wieners at Nat Bailey Stadium

Jun 24 2016, 9:52 pm

Baseball fans who also happen to really (really, really) like hot dogs will want to hit up Nat Bailey Stadium this summer for a Vancouver Canadians game. For 2016, they’ve introduced a mega hot dog called The Yard Dog, and it’s three feet long of concession stand crazy.

Photo courtesy Vancouver Canadians

Photo courtesy Vancouver Canadians

The Yard Dog, which is available at the Hey Y’all Porch and barbecue areas, will set game-goers back $22, but will provide you with a gut-busting meal and a great photo op. Needless to say, it’s pretty fun to watch your buddy go to town on a three-foot long hot dog…and take pictures of it for social media bragging rights.

We’ve yet to take ourselves out to a ballgame to give the Yard Dog a go, but we’ve found a few folks online who were up to the task.

Hot dawgs!! #vancouver #canadians #baseball

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Welcome to hell.

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The 3 foot long hot dog… #mattateitall #sogross #wereprettydisgusting #ratgordon

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When Danny buys a yardlong hotdog and you feed it to @torisswanson #VancouverCanadians #toomuchwiener #hootsuitelife

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