Three Alternatives to the Grouse Grind

The sun is shining in Vancouver which means that soon our Facebook and Twitter streams are going to be flooded with tales of  our friends and their well manicured puppy doing the Grouse Grind. While it lives up to its name as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster,” with its daunting climb of almost 900 meters over 2.9 kilometers, everyone seems to be doing it, and so should you… but, take a look at these other cool hikes that we have to offer on our beautiful coastline.

These 3 hikes may not be most most popular summer hashtags in VanCity, but grab your camera and a good pair of shoes as you will certainly get a new perspective of Beautiful British Columbia.

Mount Seymour
What is that mysterious mountain just down the coast that is overshadowed both by geography and marketing budgets? Mount Seymour! Just a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver, this alpine playground is open year round. One of the best hikes to be found up there is the hike to the peak of Mount Seymour.

You begin right where you park your car and ascend up 450 meters past the Brockton Point and chairlift. The website recommends budgeting around 2.5 hours for this trek and it is worth every drop of sweat as the panorama view from the top is breath taking.The trail is around 4km. More info

This hike is a bit longer with the trek lasting about 7km. This forest excursion takes you on a winding adventure past a warming hut used by cross country skiers on their long winter journeys. Located next to Cypress, at the height of Hollyburn you get stunning vistas of the Lower Mainland, Burrard Inlet and Gulf Islands as you are in the shadow of the Lions. The drive is only around 45 minutes. Make sure you bring your camera and plenty of water for this lofty trek.  More info

The Deep Cove Quarry Rock Trail Overview also begins in a parking lot. This portion of the Baden-Powel trail lets you transverse numerous streams and creeks and enjoy the quiet solitude of the flora and fauna surrounding Deep Cove. This hike is located in the shadow of Mount Seymour and the lookout over Indian Arm is especially incredible during the early morning. The length is 4.2 km and the elevation is under 200 meters to make for a much milder stroll than the first 2 hikes. More info

What is YOUR alternative to the Grind?

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