5 exceptional careers that let you do good in the world

Nov 2 2020, 6:09 pm

We all want to feel like we have a place in the world — like what we do in our day-to-day lives has some positive impact on those around us.

This is especially true when the world starts to feel a little too overwhelming and bad. Sometimes all we need is a sense of direction — something to make us feel useful, like we’re able to effect some real change.

Whether you’re just finishing high school or are looking to upskill for a career transition, it’s important to find the right programming that will let your compassion take the lead. Thompson Rivers University (TRU) offers both on-campus and off-campus programs, making it a lot easier to take the next step in your career.

If you dream of becoming a journalist, an environmental engineer, or a health care worker, TRU is there to help you reach your full potential. Within a safe and supportive academic environment, you’ll be able to feel empowered to take on the things that matter.

These careers let you do good in the world — now all you need is the education to get there. 

Wildlife ecologist

Thompson Rivers University

A wildlife ecologist practices conservation methods to sustainably manage wildlife and their habitats. Related to zoologists and wildlife biologists, the job may include chances to research biological data as a way of determining our environmental impact, meaning it’s a rapidly changing field that always needs fresh, passionate minds.

If you’ve always dreamed of saving the animals and working to conserve the environment, the Bachelor of Natural Resource Science would be a good first step. Third-year student Gillian Spencer has used her studies as a way of encouraging young people to spend more time outdoors, most notably through her work with the BC Parks Foundation, where she is working with a Community Engagement team.

Social worker

Social workers are active in a range of fields, including child welfare, mental health, addiction, women’s services, family justice, corrections, and Indigenous support. As a social worker, you’d be able to help people directly in the ways that they need it most, whether it’s through counselling services or advocacy work.

If you’re passionate about diversity, social justice, and social change, a Bachelor of Social Work might be the perfect platform for you to further develop those skills and practices.


Thompson Rivers University

The media often gets a bad rep, but the truth is we need journalists to amplify the voices and stories of the oppressed and disenfranchised. Enrol in the Bachelor of Journalism program and learn more about changing journalism and communications practices in a range of methods, including writing, editing, photography, interviewing, and other emerging technologies.

“Students from both of our Journalism and Communication programs will use their applied media skills — in business writing, in public relations and in social media strategy — in emerging roles in crisis communication, social media strategy and content writing, across industries, and for a mix of profit and non-profit leaders,” says Blair McDonald, PhD, Assistant Teaching Professor in TRU’s Department of Journalism, Communications and New Media. “We couldn’t be more excited to see our students keeping up and leading the way with careers in this new media world.”

Environmental scientist

An environmental scientist is someone who uses principles from biology, as well as soil science, chemistry, and social sciences to help improve environmental problems. It’s not only a multifaceted career with a lot of potential upward mobility, but it allows you to actively improve the state of the environment around you and to reduce our negative impact on the earth.

TRU offers a Master of Science in Environmental Science, which is designed to foster innovative research skills and help you develop a wealth of knowledge so you can enter the field with confidence. To see examples of research being conducted in the faculty, check out the Environmental Science Seminar Series, offered virtually this November on Thursdays at 4:30 pm.

Health care assistant

Thompson Rivers University

There’s always a need for more health care workers, and as an assistant, you’d be able to help older adults in residential care facilities, in assisted living facilities, and in their homes. This rewarding career would allow you to provide hands-on care and enable you to support older adults in their emotional, physical, and social needs.

The job is so important and in-demand that 18 students from TRU’s certificate in Health Care Assistant program graduated early this year in order to start working in long-term care facilities at the outbreak of COVID-19.

Education is merely a launch pad, a way of empowering you to enact real change in the world. If you’re ready to take the next step towards a meaningful career, visit the Thompson Rivers University website and start imagining your future.

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