This moment between a Blue Jays and Yankees fan will melt your heart

May 4 2022, 1:52 am

There’s no crying in baseball, you say? Well, in certain circumstances, it’s perfectly acceptable to shed a few tears, especially with making something special for a young fan.

Out of pure happenstance, this moment took place during Tuesday’s Blue Jays-Yankees game at Rogers Centre. After Aaron Judge silenced the Toronto crowd with a monstrous home run to left field in the sixth inning, this happened in the stands.

Believe it or not, this Toronto Blue Jays fan crossed over enemy lines to give this young Aaron Judge fan the baseball that tied the game. Very cool of this gentleman to pass this souvenir over to this youngster, who clearly made his week (and maybe even his year).

The young fan instantly burst into tears as the two put their clashing fandoms aside for one moment and shared a hug between two baseball fans.

Maybe that Blue Jays fan had no interest in that Judge home run ball anyway. Even so, it was incredibly generous and astute to find that Yankee fan in the blink of an eye and pass the ball off to him.

I mean, if you can’t get weepy at something like that, what can you cry at?

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