This high tech grooming gadget will change the way you shave forever

Sep 2 2016, 7:13 am

Pumpkin spice lattes aren’t the only thing trending this fall.

And this trend in particular serves as a great reminder that no one looks good with a nick on their face. To you, shaving is a serious business, yet you wonder why it has to be so painful.

So in the form of a hot hack, you’ll be a big fan of a razor that actually works. The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary hybrid tool that means you spend less time shaving and more time looking good. This one’s a welcomed change for the guys desperately seeking a smart shaving solution. Now on the shelves of stores, it’s getting a name as the razor that cuts your facial hair, and not your skin.

The Philips OneBlade means you spend less time shaving and more time looking good. Spend some time examining it and your interest will be piqued by this all-in-one product that includes a razor for a clean shave, a trimmer to maintain your facial hair, and a styler to work with all the edges.

We’ve compiled a list of its benefits in an effort to show you that yes, there is hope.

It actually works

When you buy a razor, it should actually work, as you’ve pondered many times. Not to worry – this one creates perfect edges and sharp lines thanks to its sleek dual-sided blade.

You’ll have a healthy long term relationship

No worries about having to trash your razor after a few uses. The blades are specifically designed for lasting performance. Replacement is easy and hassle free. And as an important note, you’ll only need to replace the blade every four months

It works for everyone

Sometimes it’s difficult to angle a blade along the curves of your face. The OneBlade creates perfect edges and sharp lines with the dual-sided blade. It styles your edges and creates clean lines by moving the blade in any direction.

It’s versatile

OneBlade effortlessly cuts any length of facial hair. It can shave wet or dry. It never clogs, pulls, or nicks. It can also trim “scruff” to the ideal length and “precision shave” perfect lines.

It’s customizable

Shaving is different for everyone – choose between the one, three, or five millimetre comb for an even stubble.

Fall marks the perfect time to start getting the perfect clean shaven look. The Philips OneBlade retails from only $44.99 with replacement blades starting at $19.99. Thanks to the tool’s all-in-one function there’s no need for you to use multiple tools that take up counter space. Stay in the know via Facebook.

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