10 fun things to do on a rainy day in Vancouver

Sep 27 2016, 1:07 am

It’s another rainy day in the Lower Mainland. Your picnic is postponed, your hike is on hiatus, your canoe trip is cancelled, and your hop scotch tournament is, let’s be honest, not happening.

But never fear. Just because it’s raining out side doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. So as the wet weather looks set to take hold, here are our suggestions for 10 fun things you can do indoors in Vancouver.

Watch a movie

Sure, you could fire up Netflix, but there’s nothing like going to the movies. The sights. The sounds. The apathetic teen employees. Vancouver has a ton of movie theatres catering to a variety of tastes, from the Scotiabank Theatre for your Hollywood Blockbusters, to The Cinematheque for something a little more independent. See you at the movies.

Go to the Aquarium

Living in Vancouver, it can be pretty easy to take it for granted, but the Vancouver Aquarium is one of the top ranked aquariums in the world. Not only is it a well-respected centre for marine conservation and research, but it’s got a dizzying array of sea creatures on display. There are octopi, whales, a million different kinds of fish, as well as shows, 4D movies, and rotating exhibits. Whether you’re an enthusiastic child, a bitter, jaded adult, or some combination of the the two, there’s something for everyone to love here.

Go to a museum

Image: Museum of Vancouver

Image: Museum of Vancouver

Why not take this opportunity to catch up on some history? Vancouver is home to museums of all kinds, from the Museum of Vancouver and the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, to theVancouver Maritime Museum. There’s even the Vancouver Police Museum, which features displays and exhibits of Vancouver’s sordid criminal past, and the men and women who have fought to make a difference.

Check out some art

Vancouver loves artists, and artists love Vancouver. There’s public art all over the place, but if you’re looking for a way to appreciate the finer things without standing in the rain looking at a bunch of laughing guys, there are galleries galore. There’s the Vancouver Art Gallery,Coastal Peoples, the Contemporary Art Gallery, Bau-Xi Gallery, Hot Art Wet City, and a few dozen more. In a city like Vancouver, everything is an art, practiced by a hundred artists. Art is no exception.

Go to Science World

Science World

Daniel Chai / Daily Hive

Science World is a bonafide Vancouver classic. Dedicated to passing on a love of science to the next generations, Science World has got more than enough to help you pass the time. Constantly changing exhibits, the Omnimax Theatre, and their all-year displays and activities, Science World is a great place to bring the kids. Or your significant other. Or your parents. Anyone really. Science World is great.

Watch a comedy show

Comedy Mix / Facebook

Comedy Mix / Facebook

There’s no shortage of fine and funny comedy shows in Vancouver. The Comedy Mix and Yuk Yuk’s have shows every night of the week, and there are any number of local shows whenever you’re looking for something a little more local, including the Vancouver TheatreSports League, Kings Head Comedy, the Marathon Mic, Eight 1/2 Inches of ComedyJokes Please, and a ton more.

Head to FlyOver Canada

One of the city’s most unique activities, FlyOver Canada will blow you away. Pitched as a “flight ride,” FlyOver sits you in a moving seat under a domed screen, with a variety of programs, including an upcoming Halloween special.

Play some games

The board game revolution is well underway. Whether you’re looking for a good old-fashioned game of Sorry! or want to solve a heart-racing mystery with games like Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Vancouver has you covered. There are businesses all around the city that have board games alongside food, drinks, and music. Or if you’re looking for something a little more digital, the city has a few old school arcades ready to suit your needs. There are even pool halls, if you’re looking for a bit of classic fun.

Hit up Granville Island

Granville Island is a tourist-tested hot spot. Not only does the Granville Island Market have a load of great local grocers and food spots, there are restaurants, breweries, and cafes galore. If you’re looking for a bit of entertainment, you can even take in a play at the Granville Island Theatre.

Try an Escape Room

Image: SmartyPantz Escape Room

Image: SmartyPantz Escape Room

The Escape Room craze has swept the globe, and Vancouver is no exception. Something about being locked in a weird room with only your wits to guide you really speaks to people. Metro Vancouver has over a dozen locations, with themes ranging from Heist to Mummy’s Tomb. E-Exit, Smartypantz, Krakit – no matter where you are in Vancouver there’s something nearby.

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