10 things only people with contact lenses would understand

Dec 19 2017, 5:18 pm

If you wore glasses growing up, contact lenses were the best thing that ever happened to you in your childhood. You didn’t have to worry about getting raindrops on your glasses or never again had to let your friends try them on while you awkwardly sit there blinded.

The transition from wearing glasses every day to contact lenses made some impact on your appearance but to everyone else it was a dramatic change. “Wow, you look so different without glasses.”

Whether you have just started wearing contact lenses or have been wearing them for a long time, here are 10 things only people with contact lenses would understand.

1. Not knowing which side of the contact lens is flipped correctly

As a first time contact lens wearer, the most difficult part about wearing your contact lens is not knowing which side is convex with the outer flip (using contact lens terms).

2. Dropping your contact lens on the floor

The struggle of trying to find your contact lens on the floor is like dropping a McDonald’s fry in your car. It’s somewhere on the floor covered in germs and the next time you see it, it will be shrivelled up and useless.

3. Taking your contacts out before finding your glasses

Every single time. We all know it’s impossible to see without our contact lenses or glasses but we tend to take our contacts out before we locate our glasses.

4. Forgetting to buy contact lenses

You’re on your last pair of contacts and even before you double check to see if you have extra, you take those little guys out and flush them down the toilet. Thankfully you can order contact lenses online. Perfectlens.ca has the lowest prices of contact lenses in Canada.

5. Falling asleep with your contact lenses

There are those nights or mid-day crashes where you tell yourself you’ll close your eyes for two minutes but end up sleeping with them on. You wake up in a panic thinking your contacts went behind your eyeball.

6. Tearing your contact lenses

The pain of tearing your last pair or a pair you have only used for a few days is unspeakable. Even if there is a tiny rip, you pretend that it’s fine but your eyes say no.

7. Trying to revive your half shrivelled contact lens with solution

Whether you dropped your contacts on the floor or it didn’t float properly in your lens case overnight, the chances of reviving your contacts with solution is rare but when it does come back to life.. Hallelujah!

8. Worrying about staying out because you don’t have a lens case or solution

There are so many spontaneous things you can do but if you don’t have your lens case or solution, you always second guess going back home or buy a new bottle of solution.

9. Running out of lens solution and reusing old solution

Don’t deny it, we’ve all done it before or have thought about reusing old solution. As much as you tried squeezing every single drop where only bubbles come out, there’s no other choice. One of the reasons why daily contacts are a better option.

10. Using water as solution then having to throw away your contacts

Whether you tried using water as solution or tried it as an experiment to see if your contacts will hold, the outcome is never great. Either your eyes get a bad reaction and bloodshot or the contacts itself become deformed.

There is a commonality and understanding between people who wear contact lenses. Ultimately, they love the freedom of not wearing glasses every day. We save the embarrassment of our glasses fogging up whenever we enter a building and now only wear glasses as a fashion statement.


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