Thieves Steal 85 Year Old Burnaby Mans Bike

Dec 19 2017, 7:43 am

Bike theft isn’t anything new in Metro Vancouver and as biking becomes more popular, the occurrence of theft will go along with it. However, most bikes on the street do not have the history that one particular bike that was stolen does. An 85-year-old Burnaby senior’s bike was stolen and he hopes the thief will return a bicycle that has rolled 4,700 kilometres across Canada.

Naturally, the Burnaby man is devastated by the loss of his storied Apollo 10 speed bike. The mounted bicycle, was stolen from the garage of his Burnaby home on June 8.

The man rode the bike eastward to visit relatives in Ontario in the early ’80’s. He made it all the way to Regina before became ill. He attempted, for a second time in 1985, at the age of 55. This time around he was successful and after 30 days, he cycled to visit his daughter at her Chesterfield, Ont., home.

A New Westminster officer spotted a similar-looking bike ridden by a known bike theif in the area, however the suspect escaped. Officers are asking the public for any information that could help  reunite the senior with his treasured bicycle.

Image via Burnaby RCMP

Source via Canadian Press