Thief allegedly steals $600 worth of Polysporin from Superstore in Surrey

Dec 19 2017, 4:56 pm

A thief in need of the fast-acting healing powers of Polysporin is on the lam this week after allegedly stealing $600 worth of the infection protection product.

According to Surrey RCMP, at around 10 p.m. on Tuesday, the ‘Polysporin Thief’ allegedly entered the Canadian Superstore at 146 Street and 104 Avenue in Surrey and stuffed numerous tubes of the ointment into a backpack and made for the exit on foot. He was then spotted by the store security office but got away and was never seen again.

Surrey RCMP Corporal Scotty Schumann said there isn’t much investigating to do in the case.

“This happens a lot more than most people think. People will steal just about anything in order to resell it and feed their drug habit.”

As for the questionable resale value of $600 worth of Polysporin, Cpl. Schumann says there’s always someone willing to buy.

“You’d be surprised how many stores buy items off people like this. I was in lost prevention for a long time and I never saw anyone shoplifting a package of hamburger patties to feed their starving family. They’d steal nice sirloin steaks and sell it to restaurants.”

Since we can’t confirm this thief was in it for the resale, here are 15 ailments he might have had (really bad):

  1. Corns
  2. Poison Ivy
  3. Blisters
  4. Heel cracks
  5. Insect bites
  6. Cold sores
  7. Dry lips
  8. Burns
  9. Cuts and scrapes
  10. Eczema
  11. Sties
  12. Swimmer’s ear
  13. Pink eye
  14. Chicken Pox
  15. Sun burn


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