Show Review: There's no party without Arty

The return of Russian EDM prodigy Arty sparked utter excitement amongst the Vancouver Electronic scene, resulting in a massive sold out party at Celebrities Nightclub on July 13. From the minute I stepped into the club, the dance floor was jam packed with frantic fans who had secured their spot and were set to welcome Arty on the decks.

The resident DJs did a great job of warming up the crowd with house and trance tracks that provided high energy and feel good vibes throughout the club. As the night went on, the line outside the club stretched around the block, and the dance floor became sardined with eager fans that were ready for Arty’s presence. At 1:00am, the dance floor hot and sweaty, the music pounding through the floors and vibrating through the speakers of the nightclub, the real party began.

Arty’s musical selections for the night were a jumble of his own productions as well as some very popular tracks seated on the EDM charts today. Some of his productions like the smash “Around The World” and “Trio” easily wrecked havoc the minute they began. It was also a delight to hear his remix of Ferry Corsten’s “Punk”; to say the crowd went crazy would be an understatement. I also enjoyed the selection of mash-ups that were mixed into his set; mash-ups like Arty’s “She Gave Me Happiness” vs. the extremely popular “Sun and Moon” were instant reactors for the crowd prompting the crowd to sing along with the lyrics.

And of course, the crowd went wild when his tracks “Rebound” and “Open Space” were played. As I danced and jumped around along with the many people around me, I saw fan-made posters for the DJ floating in the crowd, some people were hoisted on the shoulders of their friends in attempt to get Arty to notice them, and I also ran into many fans who had custom t-shirts bearing slogans like “You Can’t Spell Party Without Arty”.

By about 3:00am, the club was ready to close, however, Arty was still going strong on the decks, and no one had shifted from the dance floor towards the exit door. Eventually, the music slowed; yet the crowd became louder-we wanted more. I was lucky enough to be so close to Arty that I could almost feel the excitement radiating from him in the DJ booth. The crowd was chanting for one more song, and that’s exactly what he gave us. The epic vocal smash “This Light Between Us” by Armin Van Buuren and Christian Burns was the ultimate frosting on the cake of the night, resulting in the rowdiest of reactions and an impromptu karaoke session from the crowd.

Needless to say, I enjoyed Arty’s set a lot more the second time around. His selection of music really satisfied the crowd, and I think if the club was open all night, everyone would have been more than happy to dance the night away with Arty. In the end, everyone leaving the building had a massive smile on their face, for Arty’s zealous set proved to the crowd that indeed, there really is no party without Arty.

Written by: Sana Midha from @Cascadiarecords 

Photo credit: Ariel Gelmon Cascadia Records