Then and Now Fashion: Shoes

Dec 19 2017, 7:20 am

For the past decade – or millenium – women have been tormented and challenged by the ever growing height of the latest fashions in shoes. Shoes have always, it seems, been a tricky subject when it comes to the feminine form; the higher – the more fashionable, the higher – the more uncomfortable. Over the last decade, though, we’ve noticed a revolution in the fashionable shoe.

The Evolution of the Stiletto

Stiletto heels steadily grew from a comfortable one and a half-inch heel to a six-inch stiletto with a platform to top it off, all in the matter of ten years.  In a flash, women were suddenly restocking their closets with these six-inch stilettos, relearning how to walk in stilts and re-evaluating their health problems because of it.

At this point of extremely high stilt-like heels being ‘in’ I was somewhere in my late teenage years, and I can remember looking at any heels lower than 3 inches high and thinking “how ugly!” Sure, my feet would be covered in blisters and swollen like a pregnant woman’s after a night – or an hour – of wearing the heels that were fashionable at that time, but hey, I was willing to make the sacrifice, along with millions of other women.

But something incredible has been happening lately in the fashion world, and since there are many of late adopters out there who haven’t yet jumped on the band wagon, I feel it crucial to stress the importance of these comfortable fashion staples before they vanish for another decade. If you haven’t yet jumped – jump!

Check out these changes, ladies, and even if you are a late adopter with fashions, you can’t logically say you’d prefer the ‘then’ shoe. Now, just because you can still go to a store and purchase the ‘then’ shoe, does not mean they’re still in style; quite ironically, these items are kept on the shelf as a transitioning period to service customers who are slow to change. But this change is a good one, and one that should be fully embraced! Give your foot a rest, and adopt the now shoe!

Where to buy the ‘now’ shoe in Vancouver? Try staples like Top Shop and J. Crew.