Theatre Preview: Lowest Common Denominator on Vulnerability of Young People

Dec 19 2017, 9:48 am

A seventeen year old boy meets and begins a relationship with a much older man. The dichotomies of age and gender are explored in Zee Zee Theatre’s new work, Lowest Common Denominator.

Lowest Common Denominator centres around Harmony, who is trying to get back on her feet post-divorce, and who ends up on a blissful, booze-filled date with Peter, an insurance salesman. But when she walks in on her seventeen-year-old son Trevor kissing Peter, something changes in her, and the course of all three of their lives is set in motion – perpetually intertwined. Lowest Common Denominator is about the unconditional love of a mother for her son, and what happens when the safety of that love is challenged. This shows asks how intergenerational relationships work, what we do or do not understand about them and what pre-existing conceptions (or misconceptions) we may have.

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Shawn MacDonald (Peter) notes the instinctual defensiveness we have as an audience towards the perceived vulnerability of a young person. Our society seems to skew towards ‘protecting’ young people at all costs, perhaps even going as far as sheltering them from sexual development and exploration. It’s this and many other questions that Lowest Common Denominator strives to bring to the surface in this intimate and touching play.

Lowest Common Denominator plays at the PAL Theatre from March 14-30. Tickets available in advance.

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